Free Mediation By Tim Woodard

February 10, 2019

Tim Woodard and TW Mediation Firm are currently offering a limited number of free mediation opportunities for individuals deemed at an economic disadvantage. Available slots for the months of March and April are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Only individuals earning less than $20,000 per year are eligible to receive assistance. Proof of income is required upon completion of application. If you are represented by an attorney or legal aid, please direct their offices to inquire on your behalf. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to contact their local Legal Aid Office if they are in need of legal assistance or representation.

For further information or an application, please contact

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Tim Woodard’s Morristown, TN Background Serves the Community Well

November 23, 2018
The fact of the matter is, Tim Woodard’s experience runs to a lot more than handling cases and representing clients in court. Tim has been a prolific ghost writer for many appellate court briefs and he has managed a number of portfolios, as well. His experience in the legal profession is very impressive, but he also has considerable experience outside the legal realm, as well. Besides his experience in Human Resources, he has also owned a business and spent some time working as a business manager for a few of the most successful business leaders in the area..

Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN attorney strongly believes that his blue collar work ethic he learned as a kid manages to infuse everything he does to this day. He believes that work ethic, combines with his extensive experience in the legal field, makes him one of the best mediators in East Tennessee. While he has aided as an assistant, he has also spent time as a judicial clerk and he has been a key negotiator on numerous contracts. If that’s not impressive enough, Tim Woodard also has extensive experience in the world of legal marketing.